WCB’s Informants unmasked

Been working hard and long on this. Federal Court Hearing set for July 12th, the reason is for the Court to Order Sask. WCB to turn over a list of their (illegal) informants. Time to take 5 and relax, get online and get ready to publish the names of those informants on the net. Yeah today is a great day to celebrate this victory!!!

Time just flies by…….prepping for the Chamber date this Tues. in Queen’s Bench Court. It took longer than anticipated. It’s a big deal for Canada I’m having the court order I receive the list of ‘informants’ that WCB uses and uses illegally; using illegal informant non-intelligence against honest injured workers so that WCB, can illegally excuse itself from paying rightful WCB benefits to injured workers. I; as a member of the american Bar Association will bust open this illegal scam. This scam is country-wide. Once broken open in Saskatchewan, all of the other scams will also soon fall apart.

F.Y.I. turned 2 today!

F.Y.I. turned 2 today!

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Well Apparently……………..?

I’ve been absent from here due to my community volunteer work though work is not an accurate verb for “things done easily and things not easily done.” Great to see the new posts and photos. I will not stay away too long next time.

Wild Bill W?

Like some others I met people who knew and or met Bill W. Bill was grounded as it is described but a serious wild man for his day too. A biker, broker, book writer, big brother to many, wow!….so you know if you line up the 12 steps vertically with Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths and 8 fold path you will see where Bill grabbed a lot of his methods. Go Bill..Go Buddha!!!

Doug Moen Deputy Minister of Saskatchewan & Perjuror

Wow!…the demand for more to be published on this blog about this crook Moen has been astonishing. I have been busy working with Police authorities regarding WCB and Regina City Hall. The requests from Police’ for my supplying them info on WCB’s Pam Kirstein and others had taken first spot on my list of chores dealing with publicly exposing the neo con crooks who are seated in WCB, Government of Saskatchewan, Regina City Hall, C.U.P.E. Union Local 21, etc., pushing aside the directed release of information on Doug Moen precisely. Soon the police’s appetite will be satisfied my work with them will be done and I shall continue to unmask Moen the Man from Mars the planet of perjury. LOL Mars does lie to us. It was first thought to be barren then water is thought to exist, from uninhabitable to habitable and back again. This is how liars operate. Liars like Doug Moen. At first glance appearing to be a ‘civil’ civil servant but upon closer inspection a whirlpool of lies pour out of his mouth and legacy of supposed public service. Trust me when I say he and Brad Wall are nothing but liars. I have the documents to support that and ‘yes’ I will be back to posting those here on this blog in the very near future.

Tim Siekawitch - Attorney-At-Large 

Doug Moen-Perjurer

Next week documents will appear showing more of the low-ball lying tricks Sask Deputy Minister Doug Moen has used to hurt innocent people. Moen and his cohorts are spread over civic provincial and federal jurisdictions. 

Harper shuffles positions.

It appears the excellent investigative work by a local Regina fellow (no it isn’t me) is shaking boots in Ottawa. And his discoveries dating years back of the U of R ripping off cash are all true. Anyone who doubted my words last Oct. about city hall ripping off the employee pension fund and feeding hush money to the U of R are now thinking “he was right after all!” I have more to follow soon..I will post some of [h]is documents that were posted earlier on my FB as not everyone in the world has FB or Tumblr blogs though I’ve been told that having a choice people will pick Tumblr over FB due to the ease of use. The documents pre-date information reported on today by the CBC which if you follow the links below you will read the outcome of what his work has caused. Just one person can bring much positive change to society these links will prove that. Maybe Harper would have made the new ‘appointments’ even if no one was searching files years prior to his recent announcement reported on by the CBC? Though you will never convince me of that.  




I have recently been contacted by the Regina Police who called me to accuse me of sending anonymous email to an employee of WCB named Pam Kirstein. Of course this is bullshit. So I am active in my pursuit of that supposed police file or report. You can catch some of this news here at

https://www.facebook.com/tim.siekawitch I suspect I will launch a law suit. There appears to be no end to the tricks Sask. WCB will play.